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                                              ~ A NEW CD IN 2010 ~




                                 ~ AND HERE'S WHAT'S ON IT ~

       ~ Don't Forget About "Lynn Dvorak - Memories" CD ~


This is the project that called me back into the recording studio after an extended absence.  I had many old friends and fans anxious to hear something on a CD from me, and I had a considerable 'Polish' influence prodding me until I finally acceded!  Once there, I started having fun again and twelve songs later, we had a CD!  I really enjoyed myself arranging and creating these "memories" for you, and I hope that you have a pleasant time listening and reminiscing as well.  The material was chosen from your many requests!


This was my first experience with the studio in Nebraska called POWERBASE.  I had met Dan Kane, the owner and engineer and found it to be a state-of-the-art recording venue in the middle of farm country.  It is as nice as any I've ever played a note in!   Dan has an incredible ear for music and also a knack for putting everyone at ease in what can be a very stressful situation.  Recording is painstaking work and "getting it right" can be very difficult without a word or two of encouragement.  I salute you, Dan and appreciate all you've contributed!


So here it is.....twelve of your favorite songs on CD and the start of the "second half" of my career, or maybe more like the fourth quarter, the truth be known!  In the meantime, have some fun with my music.....Lord knows that I do!  I've long held that anytime I'm performing somewhere, I'm the one blessed with the best seat in the house!  It's a wonderful feeling to look out and see people laughing and smiling, tapping their toes, singing along and dancing to the music.  I thank ALL of you for allowing me that treat!  And by the way, I've enlarged the song list below so that you (and I!) can read it much more easily.  Also, Teresa took that picture of me in Prague while waiting for our bus to pick us up at the King's Palace in that wonderful city. 

                                     ~ AND HERE'S WHAT'S ON IT ~

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