Prague, The Czech Republic Prague, The Czech Republic St. Vitus Cathedral St. Vitus Cathedral on the grounds of the king's castle is the largest and most important church in Prague. It was the home of the coronation of Czech kings and queens. It's a beauty!! 93341366 A Little Closer To It This day was rainy & cold, but I still enjoyed it!! 93341368 The Charles Bridge The Charles Bridge is one of Europe's most famous pieces of architecture. A romantic setting, to say the least!! 93341370 Looking For My Ancestor It took some doing, but I finally found Anton's museum in the middle of Prague. What an interesting tour & also some wonderful music to listen to at the same time!! 93341375 The Dvorak Museum This picture was taken from the rear of the building. 93341372 Back To The Rain Notice the "tired tourist" resting his body on the bench?!! 93341367 A Picture From The Charles Bridge This was taken on the Charles Bridge with the cathedral and king's palace in the background. 93341371 Downtown In The City Square Don't think that only the Dutch grow tulips!! 94329434 St. Wenceslaus On the other end of downtown, this statue of St. Wenceslaus guards the Czech National Museum. 94329437 More Ancestral Pursuits About 30 kilometers outside of Prague is the much smaller town of Sedska, where my Grandfather & Grandmother came from!! There in the town square are namesakes of them, and the cemetery reads like a "Who's Who" of my hometown in Nebraska!! 94329439 How Verdigre, NE Came To Be!! These next two pictures show just how similar the landscape and how much alike that Sedska, Czech Republic and Verdigre, Nebraska really appear to be!! 94329436 Almost Like Home A Czech river or the Verdigre Creek??!! If you've ever been to my little corner of the world, you'd swear this picture was taken there instead of at Sedska!! You can see why those ancestors of ours settled where they did in the New reminded them of home! 94329438