Rome - A Most Ancient Place Rome - A Most Ancient Place The Colosseum This is it.....oh, the ancient one is in the background, not out front!! It simply takes your breath away to be standing near such a marvel!! 92643573 Ancient ?? Gladiator "Hey, can I get tickets to the game this coming Saturday? Can you hear me now?" No doubt the funniest sight I saw during the entire Italian experience!! 92643574 Vatican City.....An Entrance This is the walled "Vatican City"....home of St. Peter's Basilica & the pope. Spent 2 + days there...not bad for a Mo. Synod Lutheran!! 92643569 Hallway Near The Sistine Chapel Italian's love to lie on their backs and paint.....This was on the way to the Sistine Chapel......they wouldn't allow any photos in the Chapel. 92643571 The Swiss Guards These are the guys who protect the pope....not sure I'd put my trust in these two, or anyone dressed like that!! 92643576 Trevi Fountains I was on one of many endless backstreets in Rom when I stumbled onto this famous landmark!! 92643568 The Ancient Ruins On my way to the colosseum, I stopped by the many ruins of ancient Rome. 92643572 A Tired Tourist It was a particularily hot day in Rome and I wisely chose to wear all black!! Just sitting here thinking about how smart I am!! 92643575